Monday, September 24, 2012


So my neighbors have left a pile of emptied cardboard boxes outside of our apartments and in the walkway since July.... They are EMPTY BOXES that aren't that heavy to carry down to the dumpster!! WHY!?!??!?!

So the first experiment I ran definitely didn't work out like I planned. I decided to leave a bag of trash that I needed to take to the dumpster outside my apartment until they took down those boxes. I left it there almost a week until the contents of my trash bag started to reek something nasty! I gave in and took the trash to the dumpster, like a good neighbor!

Experiment two was a little more subtle! I had a smaller cardboard box that I needed to get out of my apartment. I decided to add it to the pile outside of my apartment to see if they would notice and/or unintentionally take out my box with their plethora of boxes. Tonight I walk up my stairs to my apartment and see that they have separated my box from theirs, placed it in front of my door, and left their boxes in place! Who goes through a pile of boxes to notice the one out of place box? I can't believe they placed it back in front of my door!

Who are these people and why won't they take down their boxes?

I have a feeling I might experiment more with this annoying situation!

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